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Pennsylvania HIC License: PA136519

taking care of all your network connectivity needs​

Taking care of all your Networking Connectivity and Security Needs


Whether you have a small business that needs to go wireless, or a family that needs to upgrade the Wi-Fi in your home, or your work at home needs a firewall for protection, NET CONNECT GUY can meet your needs. We can survey your existing network, consult on the newest technologies, providing you a with an estimate. 



Our commitment

Experience You Can Trust

We guarantee courteous, professional and knowledgeable representation for your home and business, in the Information Technology Industry.


Dedicated and Loyal Staff

Whether we are designing a new infrastructure for your business or upgrading components in your home, we are there to support all your needs with the quality of personal service you expect.


Our Promise To You

Whether you are starting a brand new business or your current business needs enhancement, we promise to provide you with options to choose from at affordable costs ending with successful turnkey solutions.  

Background / services

We have been in the IT Industry for over 25 years working with a broad spectrum of technologies, including  telephone, radio, wired / wireless communication and LAN and WAN systems. 

We provide technical design and support for system network applications and specifications.

We make recommendations for enhancing network growth and operations

We provide cost estimates with multiple supported options for current and future growth. 

We can configure settings on network devices for your IT communications environment.